Waterbury–Stowe (VT 100 Rehabilitation)

Waterbury Stowe STP 2945(1)

Project Location: VT 100 in the Towns of Waterbury and Stowe.

The project area extends northerly from the I-89 interchange in Waterbury for approximately 9.5 miles to just beyond the VT 100/Cliff Street intersection in Stowe.

Project Fact Sheet August 2017


The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) is rehabilitating VT 100 in the Towns of Waterbury and Stowe to provide a sustainable roadway structure, improved travel surface and to reduce the yearly maintenance costs of this important arterial roadway and major tourist route.

Existing Conditions:

The current pavement structure consists of bituminous pavement over a concrete slab. The existing surface to the top of the concrete slab varies from 6.5 to 23 inches, with the average depth being 10 inches. This lack of uniformity in the structural layer illustrates the current state of disrepair which generally translates into very poor surface conditions and maintenance challenges.

Design and Construction:

The project will remove the existing asphalt pavement to the full width of the existing roadway down to the surface of the existing concrete slab. The slabs will then be removed and a new subbase will be constructed. This will improve the structural integrity of the roadway, increasing its useful life, and reducing maintenance costs.

Existing shoulders will be increased to a consistent five foot width, where feasible, to accommodate bicyclists. A number of existing drainage culverts will be repaired or replaced and subsurface drainage will be installed in strategic locations. These drainage improvements will greatly increase the longevity of the roadway by reducing the amount of groundwater infiltrating the roadbed.

During the concrete slab removal phase, the Contractor will work to limit the amount of time that drivers will be required to drive on the exposed gravel subbase. Work will be completed in segments to reduce impacts to the community and travelers. It is anticipated that night work will occur for most activities under the scope of this project. This will maintain two lanes of traffic during the daytime in segments of this heavily traveled corridor where volumes reach over 1,300 vehicles per hour.

Waterbury-Stowe VT 100 Reclaim map

Project Milestones

  • Bid Advertisement: Fall 2017
  • Contract Award: TBD
  • Target Construction Schedule: TBD



Estimated Total Project Cost:

$20 M

VTrans Project Manager:

Jonathan C. Harrington, P.E.

VTrans Resident Engineer:


Project Outreach Coordinator: