Waterbury Main Street

Project Location

The project is located on Main Street between the railroad overpass adjacent to Roundabout (VT 100/US2) and extending southerly approximately 1 mile to just north of the bridge over the Winooski River.

Project Objective

The objective of the Main Street Project is to rebuild the roadway, improving safety and mobility, while enhancing the Village core. The project is a Federal Economic Growth Center project and economic and community benefits as well as transportation improvements are expected to result from the project.


VTrans is working with the Town of Waterbury to implement the project, which has developed over an extended period of time.

The Main Street project involves "full depth reconstruction" of Main Street, including replacement of all municipal water and sewer infrastructure, and undergrounding of all aerial utilities from Stowe Street to the State Office Complex. The project also includes new sidewalks, decorative streetlights, landscaping and streetscape amenities to enhance the appearance of Waterbury village. The Main Street project will complement the Roundabout and Stowe Street Sidewalk projects creating a cohesive design, improving access and safety.

Construction will be sequenced to maintain traffic flow and reduce disruption to residents and businesses in Waterbury village.

Utility installation will involve a repeating pattern of construction sequencing. First, at the north end of the project area, crews will begin work to install sewers, including excavation to a depth of 6-8 feet to install the deepest trunk line and lateral sewers. As sewer installation work advances to the south, work crews at the north end of the project area will begin to install power utility vaults above the sewer lines. As the work proceeds on the power utility vaults, installation of water lines will follow.

Following the completion of the utility installation, the roadway will be removed and replaced. Replacement of the roadway will proceed in two parts to maintain traffic flow throughout the construction period.

Traffic management is a major component of the Main Street project. VTrans is working with the Town of Waterbury toward a shared goal of promoting safe travel and reducing disruption to the public during construction. The Traffic Management Plan, which is integrated with construction sequencing, maintains two lanes of traffic at most times during utility installation with travel restricted to one lane during the first part of the roadway reconstruction. Pedestrian access will also be maintained at all times with clearly defined pedestrian routes. On-street parking will be lost temporarily and intermittently during construction activities. On-street parking will be restored immediately after construction activities have been completed.

Target Construction Schedule

2019 - Fall 2020


Ken Upmal, Project Manager

Barbara Farr, Town of Waterbury

Megan Savage, Public Outreach Coordinator
(802) 496-3376

Estimated Cost

Approximately $15 million