Roundabout US 2/VT 100

Project Location:

The US 2/VT 100 Roundabout is located at the intersection of US 2 and VT 100 adjacent to Exit 10 on I-89.

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Project Objective:

The Roundabout will improve traffic flow at this intersection and create a positive and welcoming first impression at Waterbury’s northern gateway. Additional objectives include providing safe and efficient crossings for pedestrians, improving and reducing conflict for access to adjacent businesses, and accommodating large trucks servicing Waterbury’s businesses.

Existing Conditions:

The intersection was created in 1960 as part of the original I-89 construction. The existing T-intersection is unsignalized and the VT 100 north approach is stop-controlled. Peak hour queues turning left on VT 100 often exceed 600 feet and the level of service at this intersection is “F”, indicating frequent or long travel traffic delays.

Prior to Tropical Storm Irene, the intersection accommodated more than 12,000 vehicles per day. Much of this traffic occurred in the AM and PM peak periods and was related to employment in Waterbury. Since Tropical Storm Irene, traffic volumes have been slightly reduced, however, traffic is anticipated to increase to previous volumes with the 2015 scheduled completion of the renovated State Office Complex with 900 employees. New development along VT 100 north of I-89 has also increased traffic.

Pedestrian / bicyclist access and safety and access to adjacent businesses are significant considerations at this intersection. The Town recreation facility, which includes a pool, recreation center, ball field and summer camp, is located on the north side of VT 100. A convenience store, restaurant, and US Post Office are also located near the intersection.

Project Overview:

VTrans, in coordination with the Town of Waterbury, studied a series of design alternatives from 1995 to 2004. The Alternatives Analysis concluded that the single-lane roundabout alternative most closely aligned with the project goals and was therefore the preferred alternative. In addition to replacing the T-intersection with a roundabout, the project will include new sidewalks to provide access to businesses, the post office and recreational facilities. The project, which is managed by the Town of Waterbury, also includes relocation/replacement of water, sanitary gravity sewer and sewer force main line within the project limits; a sewer bypass chamber; construction of a new, safer entrance to the post office; landscaping including the central island within the roundabout; and an improved stormwater management system.

Target Construction Schedule:

  • Final Design/Right-of-Way – Winter 2014
  • Construction – July - November 2014
  • •Completion – June 2016

Estimated Cost:

$3.9 million


Bill Woodruff
Town and Village of Waterbury

Joel Perrigo, LTF Project Manager
Local Transportation Facilities
Vermont Agency of Transportation