Weekly Construction Updates


Waterbury - Stowe VT Route 100 Rehabilitation Project

Project Location:  VT 100 in the Towns of Waterbury and Stowe.

There are approximately 200 feet of gravel in Waterbury just north of the Shaw’s intersection. Continuing north, there are approximately 7.9 miles of newly paved surface starting at the Waterbury Car Wash and ending at Old Farm Road in Stowe. Following the new pavement, there are approximately 0.7 miles of gravel surface to the terminus of the project, near the Stowe Safety Complex, before Route 100 turns back to the original paved surface. Motorists and bicyclists should use caution and pay attention to signage. 

Slab Removal: All slab removal for the project has been completed.

Paving: The paving crew will return to Waterbury to pave the gravel area near Shaw’s Sunday night. Once this area is complete, the crew will return to the area of Walker Construction and work north throughout the remainder of the week to complete a second lift of asphalt. All paving operations are weather dependent.

When the Water Main Project work is complete, the paving crew will return to the lower village of Stowe. This is anticipated to occur the week of September 23.

Guardrail/Shoulder: Guardrail installation operations are currently just north of Keurig in Waterbury. The crew will continue to work north throughout the week. Shoulder cleanup will occur on either side of the road beginning from the Waterbury-Stowe town line heading north.

Traffic: Motorists may encounter several areas of one-way alternating traffic along the construction route, day and night, to facilitate road, guardrail, shoulder, drive and side road aprons work.

Nighttime work is limited to the hours of 7 PM to 6 AM, Sunday night through Friday morning. During these hours, alternating one-way traffic will be implemented. Flaggers will be present to assist motorists through the work zones. This may result in minor traffic delays. All work is weather permitting.

The Waterbury – Stowe VT 100 construction project will provide a complete rehabilitation of the 9.5-mile corridor between Waterbury and Stowe. The work requires concurrent construction activities with multiple crews for roadway rehabilitation and drainage work. This will result in potential travel delays and varying surface conditions along the route.

When you travel this stretch of roadway, you may encounter varying surface conditions in different locations from day to day, and night to night. Drivers should slow down, observe signage, and factor in extra travel time. Proceed with caution and be aware of other vehicles, large trucks, construction crews, and changing road conditions. Leave plenty of space between vehicles to avoid small stones and gravel that may get kicked-up.   

I-89 Bridges Project

AOT Project No. IM 089-2(43)

Project Location: 
The I-89 Bridges Project is located at Exit 10 on I-89 in Waterbury.

This Project is complete.

Waterbury Roundabout Project

AOT Project No: STP SGNL (18)

Project Location: Intersection of Routes 100/2 in Waterbury. 2016 work location is on US 2 east of the Roundabout. 

This project is complete. 

VT100 Duxbury - Culvert Project

Project Location:  VT 100 Bridge #193 in Duxbury over Crossett Brook

This project is complete. 

Route 2/Route 100 S Temporary Signal

AOT Project No. Waterbury Area STP WKZN (9) C/2

Project Location:  Southerly intersection of US 2/VT 100 S.

This project is complete. 

Stowe - VT 108 Bridge Reconstruction

AOT Project No. BRF 0235(1)

Project Location:  The VT 108 Bridge is located on VT 108 approximately 350 feet north of the intersection of VT 100 and VT 108 in Stowe. 

This project is complete.

Waitsfield-Moretown-Duxbury (VT 100 Preventive Maintenance Paving)

AOT Project No. STP SURF(39)

Project Location: The Waitsfield – Moretown – Duxbury VT 100 Preventive Maintenance Paving project limits begin 2.4 miles north of Warren/Waitsfield town line (Fiddlers Green) and extend to the intersection of US 2 in Moretown for a distance of 12 miles.

This project is complete.

Bolton-Waterbury (US 2 Reclaim) Project

AOT Project No: STP 2709(1)

Project Location: Route 2 - Parro's Gun Shop in Waterbury west along Route 2 to just beyond Latham Trailer Sales in Bolton. Estimated completion late October 2014.

This project is complete.

Northbound Off Ramp Signal Project

AOT Project No. NHG SGNL(43)

Project Location: Northbound Off Ramp is located at Exit 10 at intersection of I-89 and VT100.

This project is complete.

Please focus on safety when driving through the construction work zone and remember, it is now against the law to use a hand held cell phone in a construction work zone.

Call the project hotline 802-496-3376, with questions.